HOME ALONE DINNERS: What to Eat When It’s Just You

October 1, 2013

in Celebrate with Homeware

I know what this woman is thinking. I’ve been there. I even have an emerald chiffon dress. I don’t have the Pryce chair. Yet. She’s thinking, “I am home alone.” If she’s like me, she loves big family dinners, as well as pot-au-feu for two. But it’s a rare treat to have the house entirely to yourself. What next? Quiet meditation? A hot soak in the tub? Guilty-pleasure chick flicks? Perhaps. A no-rules menu? Absolutely. No witnesses. No mandates. It’s all good (but not necessarily healthy).

Here’s what I’m considering for my home alone dining experience…



Cereal for dinner is not depressing. It’s freeing. After all, even Cheerios is a happy name. Home alone, I like to dress up my grains with berries and nuts and well-chilled coconut milk all-together in a pretty bowl. Need inspiration?


May I introduce you to two of my favorite brands?  Not Chanel. Not Hermès. Not even Homeware. They’re Campbell’s and Velveeta, my comfort-food brands of choice. While grilled cheese and tomato soup (from a can) should not be an everyday occurrence, it’s a perfect private pleasure.


Do you tend to save the best for last? This can result in what I call dessert deficiency. While it may be an admirable healthy-eating strategy, everyone deserves a little bit of sugar. So, if it’s just you tonight, cut to the chase and start with dessert.


Finally, if you crave community, home alone is no place to be. In this case, the thing to make is reservations. I love Suzanne Lenzer’s recount of a solo dinner she shared with Virginia Woolf in 1989. If you’re scratching your head, yes, Virginia, the article recounts a young woman’s dinner with a great novel as her companion. Mrs. Woolf died in the early 1940s. The denouement: eating out alone is a treat!

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